American Gourmet Products Founded in 1996.
Since then we have been one of the leading brands of all American Made Gourmet Beef jerky.
All of our products are made of the highest quality ingredients.
We only use US grown beef for our jerky and it is all seasoned and packaged in the USA

What is Kippered Beef?

Kippered Beef is a thicker cut then regular beef jerky, It is also easier to chew. That means you get the most flavor possible in evry bite, with the perfect amount of chew so your dosent jaw fall off. So enjoy some of our famous jerky loved buy so many across the naion.

Please call us if you have any Questions

We package US grown beef for our jerky.

Our Top Three Selling Jerkys

#1 Mild Teriyaki
"Smooth and Sweet"
"Great flavor to enjoy by everyone"
#2 Black Pepper
"Savory and Mouth Watering"
"Just the way it should be"
#3 Dragon Breath
"O My God "
"The burn that you cant get enough of"
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